Items Coming Up For Auction

REVISED:  SATURDAY, 04/25/2020  12:00 P.M.
Penny auctions are an exciting way to donate money in a competitive way, and at the same time, hopefully you will win the product you are trying to buy at auction. Before you proceed any further in reading this... it is a MUST that you first read the Rules, Terms and Conditions and the READ FIRST pages. will be listing the following items for penny auction this week:
* - Items That Can Be Exchanged for Cash
* - New Autos
* - New ATVs
* - New Boats
* - New Trucks
* - New Motorcycles
* - New Cars
* - Exquisite and Beautiful Jewelry
                ... and much, much more coming!
We will be starting timed, competition bidding penny auctions on a short-timer, invitational penny auctions, and a theme for each and every day penny auctions.
Our Themed Days... SUNDAY - Surprise Sunday!  We will list random items for bidding.
MONDAY - Manic Monday!  We will list unusual items for bidding.
TUESDAY - Trivia Tuesday!  We will list things with nostalgia and trivia items ... such a used exotic, classic and luxury car and things of trivia.
WEDNESDAY - Wacky Wednesday!  Goes with Manic Monday... crazy and zany items for bidding.
THURSDAY - Theatrical Thursday!  We will list travel packages to the Theater to see great, live plays and orchestras, philharmonic, symphony.
FRIDAY - Flirtation Friday!  For women with class... we will see what we list when we list for bidding.
SATURDAY - Slots Saturday!  We will list casino vacation and travel packages with cash bonuses like $10,000 cash to play the slots and other casino games in Las Vegas, New York, California, Flora and Europe.
Come back and check here for types of auctions, and their dates and times they start.